Why WordPress Dominates The Internet

WordPress web design has been on the market since May 27, 2003. That is more than a decade of offering web design solutions that were meant to change the way web design is done. WordPress web design has evolved from a blogging platform over the years into the most versatile content management system (CMS). So why is WordPress the future of web design? Here is why.

Ease of use ? WordPress has developed this much because of the ease with which you can use it. It makes web design easy even for people who cannot code but are Cannabis SEO Gurus. This has seen even big websites like Google and Facebook use WordPress on their websites. This shows you how easy it is to adopt the use of WordPress even in already existing Websites to get rid of the static websites that have constantly being faced out in preference for the more intuitive and functional websites we have today.

WordPress is Free ? yes free means you have the freedom to have and use your websites as you please. With so many themes and plugins available for free to have a WordPress web design all you need is a domain and a good web hosting platform and you are ready to go. Taking away the financial clinch from the masses means most people will keep trying and using WordPress for so long in the future.

No prior knowledge needed ? though most people will still use WordPress developers for their WordPress web design, others can create their websites without knowledge of any code. This is because WordPress has many themes available for just about any kind of website. The themes are easy to use and customize to the needs of the website.

WordPress is friendly to Search engines ? Search engines are attracted to WordPress because of the semantics mark up produced by the WordPress sites. WordPress is also written using standard compliance and high-quality code and hence is better ranked by the website maintenance company WordPress designs are also SEO friendly and also have you can use the London SEO UK plugin to make your website highly SEO friendly and hence rank better for your keywords.

Easy management ? WordPress is one of the easiest to manage CMS systems. It informs when there are new updates using the inbuilt updater and just with a click of a button, you can be able to update the themes and plugins. Also when there is a new version of WordPress you are informed and can easily get the newest version every time it is available. Also, it is easy to make backups of all the content on your site using the WordPress backups.

With a WordPress web design, you can be assured that you are on the right track for the future of your website.

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